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Surround your house with positivity and peaceful energy!

                    Decorate your house with this beautiful Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Flower!

                    The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity of the heart and mind, spiritual awakening and fidelity.

                    The crystal is a symbol of clarity, which allows the light to pass through and remove its contours to create a sumptuous and magical illusion of lights.

                    In Feng Shui, this Crystal Lotus Flower will initiate a better circulation and a balance of energy to all surrounding inhabitants and helps bring success, harmony, and balance in their relationships. Also has been known to bring happiness, success in business, health, and protection.

                    Surround yourself with these beautiful crystal lotus flowers, put them close to a window and they will reflect sunlight and peaceful energy in your environment!

                    Choose the color or colors that appeal to you the most:

                    • Blue: represents peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also sensitivity.
                    • Green: symbolizes the natural, balance, freshness but also happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, calm, serenity.
                    • Yellowcheerful and lively color that represents joy, energy, tone, and dynamism. It symbolizes gentleness and intelligence.
                    • Red transmits energy and initiative. Color of love, it represents the passion, temptation, emotion, strength, power, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, struggle and determination.
                    • Violet: symbolizes subtlety, mystery, romance, idealism, and protection. It calms and stimulates mental activity.
                    • Pink:  symbolizes positive values such as innocence, gentleness, romance, sweetness. It represents calm, peace, serenity, tranquility and confidence.
                    • White/transparent: represents positive values such as purity, balance or innocence. It symbolizes nobility and refinement, calm, peace and serenity. It provides light and gives a feeling of freshness.
                    • Multicolor: it represents all the colors that form the colors of the rainbow. He is the symbol of alliance and serenity.
                    • Style: Feng Shui
                    • Theme: Flower
                    • Material: Top grade K9 crystal
                    • Size:80mm*50mm
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