Handmade Frosted Stone Planets Bracelet

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Get a tiny Solar System revolving around your wrist!

                    Wear Your Universe! This unique bracelet features precious gemstones that look like our Solar System, from the Sun to Pluto (yes, Pluto!).

                    Each bracelet is hand-made by master artisans with hand-picked high-quality natural stones to model the breathtaking universe that will have you mesmerized. The stones are faceted to make it unique and give it a realistic feel.

                    Each stone symbolizes an aspect of the solar system.


                                      SIZE HAND CIRCUMFERENCE PLANETS
                                      S 13-15CM 17 PLANETS
                                      M 15.5-17CM 19 PLANETS
                                       L 18-19.5CM 21 PLANETS


                                                        We suggest small and medium for female, and medium and large sizes for male.
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