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                    No longer will you need to spend money on harmful, chemical filled mosquito sprays that don't work. Tap into the mosquito's natural instinct and trap them in this scientifically backed and rigorously tested Mosquito Trap.

                    NO MORE BUZZING - JUST SILENCE

                    Sleeping with mosquitos is annoying. Sleeping with a loud machine is more annoying.

                    That is why The Mosquito Trap was designed with silence in mind. Engineered and built with hydrodynamic 'fluid" bearings allows the vacuum to be powerful while not making a sound.


                    Researchers found that DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamid) blocks the enzyme cholinesterase, which is essential for transmitting messages from the brain to the muscles. The researchers noted that DEET will affect the nervous systems of mammals. Which can cause a myriad of problems in children and adults.

                                      🔥 MIMICS HUMAN BODY
                                      🔥 DENOISE TECHNOLOGY
                                      🔥 SILENT SUCTION FAN
                                      🔥 ANTI-ESCAPE TRAP
                                      🔥 PET & CHILD SAFE

                                      WHY IT WORKS:

                                                        • Human Simulation - 365nm Spectrum Light attracts mosquitos in 360° Degrees by tapping into there natural instincts to feed.
                                                        • Low-Frequency Attractor - The Mosquito Trap has a 35dB frequency that further attracts mosquitos while being completely silent to humans and pets.
                                                        • High Suction Fan - Once the mosquitos get within range of the trap, a strong vacuum fan will suck the mosquitos into an Anti-Escape Trap.
                                                        • Anti-Escape Trap - An auger-type chassis is situated at the bottom of the vacuum fan. Giving the mosquitos nowhere to escape.
                                                        • Dehydration - Once the mosquito has been tricked into the trap, a dehydration process occurs, killing the mosquito within minutes.
                                                        • Easy Clean-Up - To clean, simply twist off the bottom of the Mosquito Trap and dump out contents.
                                                        • Universal USB Power - Widely compatible USB ports to power The Mosquito Trap. Power by using USB wall adapters, Laptops, Powerbanks and much more!
                                                        • 100% NON-TOXIC - Unlike competitors, our Mosquito Trap is 100% Non-Toxic. Using only electricity and scientific, peer-reviewed documents on the instinctual nature of the Mosquito to trap and eliminate them.
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