Portable Handheld Steam Iron

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Portable Handheld Steam Iron

Get wrinkle free clothes whenever, wherever!

                    You can alter the sensible temperature as indicated by an alternate texture. Before refilling with water, dependably haul out the attachment and furthermore kill the temp altering knop. Try not to turn over the iron when the fly or the water will spill out from the fumes port. After completed it, if it's not too much trouble influence the water to tank dry.

                                      • Powerful steam and fast heating.
                                      • Steam direct injection technology.
                                      • Specialized for different fabric clothing and remove wrinkles, odors and kill acarid, germ.

                                      How to use it?

                                                        1. Pour some water (not more than 100ml).
                                                        2. Adjust the dial to the appropriate setting.
                                                        3. Plug the iron and wait for 30 seconds.
                                                        4. Push the steam button intermittently.
                                                                          • Weight: 1100g.
                                                                          • Plug: EU / US.
                                                                          • Power: 1000W.
                                                                          • Color: Purple / Blue.
                                                                          • Size: 35 x 8 x 10 cm.

                                                                          Package Contains:

                                                                          • 1 x Base.
                                                                          • 1 x Metrology Cup.
                                                                          • 1 x Plush Brush Combination.
                                                                          • 1 x Portable Handheld Steam Iron.
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