Super Absorbent Wiping Towel (2 Pcs)

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Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid!

                    The wiping towel is a super absorbent towel made of plush Microfiber. Used dry, the towel leaves a polished finish with no streaks. It can wash and dry an entire car and even polish it afterwards. All in one incredible towel.

                    Why do you need our Microfiber Towel?

                                      • Machine washable.
                                      • Washes, dries and even dusts.
                                      • Double sided for cleaning and polishing
                                      • Fast drying, super-absorbent
                                      • Weight: 100g
                                      • Size: 30 x 40cm.
                                      • Material: Microfiber

                                      Package Includes:

                                                        • 2 x Super Absorbent Wiping towel.
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